Extend your reach beyond Search, Social & Display media by plugging into inventories of our affiliated partners

End-to-end publisher management

Fully transparent exclusive partner management
  • 1. 700+ affiliated partners
  • Coupon / Cashback / Deals / Webpush / Banner ads and more types of inventory
  • Dedicated portal for realtime partner management

Fraud detection algorithms

We agressively detect and purge fradulanet traffic which does not meet advertiser's objectives
  • Proprieteray fraud detection algorithms which analyzes 15+ variables like IP, Browing pattern, Location
  • Pick and choose the partners you want to work with
  • Strict NO to any kind of brand traffic hijacking be it brand bidding, click bait, incentivization or cookie stuffing

Optimization Goals

Campaign optimization to deliver high return on ad spends is our core focus. Metrics that matter:
  • Cost per confirmed conversion
  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Return rates / Fraudalent conversions