Personal Care Marketing

Personal Care brand owners today are focused more and more on ROAS based marketing. While impressions, traffic and CPT are still key variables,
what truly makes a brand being able to scale is having great roi on there ad spends across mediums. Our entire advertising approach is about
scaling the metrics while optimizing for the key metric.

Challenges that we solve for

New Customer Acquisition

Optimizing for acquiring new customers while maintaing the spends can be a challenge

Retention of customers

Reducing churn by deploying effective communication strategies at the right time to the right customer

Improving ROAS

Optimizing for ROAS while scaling up the advertising spend is an ever going challenge

Our Focus

With the advertising platform bids skyrocketing and multiple advertising platforms to choose from, we strive to bring in the expertise on getting the brand's message heard to the right customer, at the right time and at the right place

SKU level intelligence

Optimizing for most profitable products instead of top of funnel metrics like CPT, we help improve margins on ad spend

Customer segments

Identifying user buckets that have strong affinity to the brand across Search, Social & Display to achieve industry leading conversion rates

Cohort Analysis

Know the true lifetime value of a customer using cohort analysis and deduce how much you can spend to bring in a profitable customer

Our Solutions

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