Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate builders, owners & contractors today are focused more and more on Conversion based marketing. While ranking on google, number of leads and site visits are still key variables, what truly helps to scale is optimizing for end conversions and measure the conversion counts against ad spend. Our entire advertising approach is about scaling the metrics while optimizing for the key metric.

Challenges that we solve for

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Acquisition of Interested Leads

Optimizing for acquisition for relevant and interested leads and reducing the number of junk leads is a challenge. This is further aggravated by the challenge of increasing demand of leads and higher advertising budgets.

Project Based Marketing

Generating conversions for multiple projects in residential and commercial both at the same time while maintain the cost metrics is one of the key demands of advertisers and brands

Conversion centric analytics

Measuring and analyzing the end result of conversion by combining online and offline data along with mapping spends against leads and conversions is a challenge

Our Focus

With the advertising platform bids skyrocketing and multiple advertising platforms to choose from, we strive to bring in the expertise on getting the brand's message heard to the right customer, at the right time and at the right place

Project level intelligence

Optimizing for most converting projects instead of bringing in blanket leads by optimizing for down the funnel metrics like site visits and end conversion

Offline to Online

End Conversion in real estate is offline. Combining this data with the advertising metrics online and figuring out the true impact of digital marketing

360 Digital Presence

We work with the brand to ensure readiness of all digital assets - Search listing, Social Pages, Website, Local listing, etc and advertising via Google search, Facebook & Dedicated project pages to ensure maximum organic and paid visibility

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