Automate the way you market

Communication Strategies

Build highly targeted communication strategies by doing effective segmentation
  • Segmentation based on user browing behaviour, purchase behaviour & engaged vs passive customers, 30+ variables
  • Segmentation by category, product type
  • Segmentation by new vs repeat customer

Reach your customer

Reach your customers wherever they are
  • On-site overlays, In-app overlays, Targeted cross-sells & upsells for when the customer is on the website
  • Web push, app push, sms & email when customers have left your website or app
  • Programmatic ads served to customers when browing on the web via syncing audiences on Facebook, Google’s platform

Optimization Goals

Campaign optimization to deliver high return on ad spends is our core focus. Metrics that matter:
  • Cost Per Repeat Customer
  • Churn rate of customer
  • Loyal customer growth rate