Boost your sales with Social Media Marketing

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Engaging Ads

Ads are what a potential customer interacts with. We make sure most of them do.
  • A/B testing between different ad formats – stories, newsfeed, extended audience network
  • Customized ads basis platform – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, Snapchat
  • Deploy multiple variations of same ads across user buckets for A/B testing what works.
  • Vernacular ads for geographical optimizations.

Buyer Personas

Dividing the potential customers into custom user buckets basis there interests and behaviours
  • 10+ User personas for your brand before launching a single ad campaign
  • Multi level campaign structure to effectively test all user personas
  • Lookalike audiences based on past conversions, user value, time spent for more focused targeting

Optimization Goals

Campaign optimization to deliver high return on ad spends is our core focus. Metrics that matter:
  • Cost per conversion
  • Average conversion value
  • New vs Returning customer approach

Brand Experience

Have your campaigns audited and analyzed by a true digital marketing expert in our team, all valued at $200 but given for FREE!

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